Box Strapping Tool

1,200.00 900.00

  • High speed tool that saves packing timings.
  • Easy to load the strap.
  • Durable with Long life of tool.
  • More efficiency hence reduces the work.

Bulk Order

Quantity Price
1 - 4 900.00
5 - 19 850.00
20 - 49 800.00
50+ 750.00


Box Strapping tools tension, seal, and cut strapping that is used to secure bundles and packages for shipping and storage. Strapping tools are customized for use with a specific strapping material, which can be steel, stainless steel, polyester, polypropylene, or poly cord. Sealers apply pressure to seals to secure the ends of the strapping and prevent strapping from losing tension, which can cause contents to shift. Strap tensioner ensures that straps fit snugly around the package or bundle. Strapping cutters are used to cut strapping to the required length before or after tensioning or to cut strapping off when unpalletizing


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